Author: Charles Petzol

Rating: 10/10

Without a doubt, one of the best book I have ever read.

This book will guide you from Morse Code to building a small computer just by reading its content.

Note: I strongly recommend you havving a pencil and notebook nearby when you read this book.

A 2nd edition was published with new content, and one interesting addition, a website with animations assist the reading. I haven’t had the pleasure of reading the 2nd edition yet. In addition to substantially revised and updated content, the new chapters include:

  • Chapter 18: Let’s Build a Clock!
  • Chapter 21: The Arithmetic Logic Unit
  • Chapter 22: Registers and Busses
  • Chapter 23: CPU Control Signals
  • Chapter 24: Jumps, Loops, and Calls
  • Chapter 28: The World Brain

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