My name is Yago, I’m a spaniard living in the great city of Porto since 2008.


I graduated in Software Engineering at University of Vigo. I love hacking and all related with Computer Science. I have a guilty pleasure of understand why thing are how they are and a tick for hardcopy books.

I make Software for a living for more than 16 years, NeoVim is my gun of choice and related with languages, I use the one that the occasion requires to achieve what is good enough for the problem I need to solve.

If what I write intests you in any way, you can follow me on X @yriviero and on GitHub @yriveiro.https://github.com/yriveiro).

“O Vao” beach, (You can find it in my home city, Vigo, great summers I spent there 🥹

O Vao Beach